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General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Dental Practice Brasov

Dentistry is the branch or specialty dealing with the prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of oral cavity disorders (teeth, gums, tongue). The first historical records of dental treatments date as far back as the 7th millennium before Christ, in Antique India. Apparently, back then, they used some primitive drills to clean dental cavities. For quite a long time, Egyptians were also known for their skills in this field, and for the denture consolidation techniques using gold wires.

Nonetheless, the father of modern dentistry is a French doctor, Pierre Fauchard, who came up with the idea of dental fillings and of tooth strengthening and extraction techniques. The daily tooth cleaning was only adopted after the World War II. The history of dentistry shows that tooth aches were much more significant in the past than we would have imagined.

Lord Dent - Full dentistry services

Lord Dent adds to the offer of modern services available on the Brasov market, with state-of-the-art technology. We pay close attention to the sterilization procedures, and to each patient’s individual needs. In our clinic, every treatment option will be explained to you, so that you can make the right decision. Moreover, our team of specialists will suggest the optimum solutions so that your journey towards a healthy smile is as short as possible. Here are some of the advantages you get if you decide to choose Lord Dent Clinic:

  • team of professionals
  • procedure transparency
  • suggestions for choosing the optimum treatment
  • a relaxing atmosphere
  • high quality services
  • focus on the customer’s/patient’s needs
  • focus on sterilization
  • price transparency
  • correct treatment plan
  • passion for our trade

Some of the most frequently encountered interventions in this field include prevention, as well as treatment methods. Ultrasound scaling, for instance is an efficient prevention methods, which removes the bacterial plaque. This method is not harmful to the gums or tongue, and it takes about 30 minutes. On the other hand, the treatment methods act on the already affected areas. Fillings are meant to remove cavities and clean the area of bacteria. The filling material (dental filling) is applied and hardened using a special laser light. This filling material is carefully chosen depending on the size of the gap, the aesthetics and the durability.

We have several procedures available to help you regain your smile. They are chosen during the procedures, but also upon the establishment of the treatment plan. Because we invested in modern technology, which as close as possible to the latest generation equipment, the interventions are non-invasive and entangle minimum lesion risks. We also pay close attention to the sterilization procedures, both for the instruments, and for the practice as such. All that is meant to help as many patients as possible regain their smiles.

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