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Dermatology Brasov

Dermatology is a medical specialty focusing on the study, diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. The dermatologist can prescribe certain treatments that are beneficial to the skin, to prevent certain diseases. Some of the problems patients face and for which they may turn to full dermatology services are: herpes, skin cancer, acne, psoriasis, zona zoster, atopic or other types of dermatitis, rosacea or even mycoses (athlete’s foot, nail fungus), skin rashes.

Dermoscopy is a very efficient method for the timely detection of skin cancer masses or even moles with worrisome changes. The microscopic tissue analysis can evaluate in details the cells and the manner in which they are disposed. With the help of this method, the dermatologist will decide on the right course of treatment. It is chosen depending on the identified problem, the patient’s age, but also considering certain allergies the latter might suffer from, if any. The doctor may thus decide to excise (remove) the mole or, instead, preserve and monitor it. Moreover, if timely detected, skin cancer may be cured without leaving any traces.

Dermatology at Lord Dent Clinic in Brasov

For a correct examination of the skin and its structure, a yearly visit to the dermatologist is the key. Moreover, there are specific situations in which an appointment is required. So when is it that you should make an appointment with the dermatologist?

  • a routine visit is required once a year, regardless of the age. As part of this visit, the evolution of the moles will be assessed (shape and color changes)
  • in case you notice a thorn mole that started bleeding
  • in the case of a hand or foot nail mycoses
  • in case you notice certain complexion changes, such as stains or changes in color or texture
  • in case you identify foot skin cracks, or if you experience itching or burning sensations in this area
  • the dermatologist can also help you diagnose and treat sexually transmitted diseases, in both women and men

All medical procedures will only be carried out following a detailed examination by the specialty doctor. The time of the intervention shall be established in joint agreement with the patient. At Lord Dent Clinic in Brasov, you can benefit from full prevention and treatment dermatology services, as well as from a correct diagnostic, offered by Dr Andreea Scarneciu, Dermato-Venereology Specialist.

Dermato-Venereology Specialist

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