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Dental and Facial Aesthetics

Dental and Facial Aesthetics

Dental and Facial Aesthetics Brasov

Dental aesthetics is a branch of dentistry focusing on the enhancement of the visual aspect of the teeth and smile. The procedures applied are carefully selected, depending on the customer’s desire and the Specialty Doctor’s recommendations. Attention to details and years of study are also required in order for the dentist to be able to render his vision to the dental technician. In time, the patient will be able to regain self-confidence and, why not, maybe start smiling more often.

Because we are concerned not only about the health and functionality of the oral cavity, but also about its aspect, we have decided to offer full dental aesthetics services, which are minimally invasive and using biocompatible materials. The dental laser also is our ally in the attempt to help as many as possible of the patients crossing our doorstep regain their natural smile.

Dental and Facial Aesthetics at Lord Dent Clinic in Brasov

One of our main goals is to obtain beautiful, white teeth, by blending high quality and efficient procedures. The results are long-lasting, and the customer will be even more motivated to come to the periodical dental hygiene sessions in order to maintain these results.

Here are some of the procedures we offer, which are meant to achieve both aesthetic and functional success:

  • zirconium and all-zirconium-supported ceramic crowns
  • tooth whitening using laser technology
  • physiognomic fillings
  • professional hygiene procedures, as well as professional brushing, airflow and ultrasound scaling
  • gum remodeling
  • enamel remodeling
  • all-ceramic crowns, which offer a very natural aspect to the dentition
  • aesthetic prosthesis
  • dental facets
  • laser dental implants
  • crown and root reconstruction
  • application of dental jewels, an intervention that does not affect the enamel or the structure of the tooth, because the adhesive is non-invasive

Teeth whitening can help obtain teeth that are whiter in the order of up to 6 shades. This procedures can also help eliminate food-related stains. Dental obturation, also known as filling, is carried out using composite materials that are of the color of the tooth, for optimum results. The dental bridge helps us replace missing teeth. Dental implants are also the most modern solution to replace one or several missing teeth, and the only one that guarantees a tooth with the aspect and functionalities of a natural one.

The dental crown is applied over the damaged teeth or attached to the abutment, to restore the aspect of a molar or tooth. Dental incrustations are indirect obturations, created in the laboratory, for the purpose of restoring a tooth with very large cavities, with missing sections.

Dental faceting supposes the application of very thin layers of porcelain material on the outside of the teeth. This completely changes their aspect, with both shape and color corrections.

We can offer a wide variety of dental and facial aesthetics procedures so that you can regain your healthy, beautiful smile. Contact us for an appointment!

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