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Dental Prophylaxis

Dental Prophylaxis

Dental Prophylaxis Brasov

Dental Prophylaxis is the set of techniques and procedures meant to prevent cavities and periodontal diseases. Regular visits to the dentist can thus spare you of a lot of nuisance in the future. Preferably, dental prophylaxis visits should occur every six months, for optimum results. A professional prophylaxis session at Lord Dent Practice in Brasov includes professional brushing, ultrasound scaling, airflow and fluorination.

The oral cavity is populated by bacteria, which, in the case of excessive sugar or carbohydrate intake, turn the same into acids. In their turn, acids gradually destroy the tooth enamel, leading to dental cavities. Highly efficient prophylaxis methods are available to enhance the durability of the tooth enamel. The first and most recommended one is oral hygiene. The dental plaque, which is full of bacteria, accumulates in the oral cavity after each meal. If not timely removed, it calcifies and becomes dental tartar.

Dental Prophylaxis at Lord Dent Clinic in Brasov

Periodical dental visits also are very important. This is because quite a number of oral disorders initially involve no pain and are likely to be ignored up to the point when the tooth can no longer be saved. Scaling is the method through which dental tartar is removed using specific tools. Professional brushing also plays a very important role. It removes the dental plaque left behind following brushing, but also the various stains on the surface of the tooth. It is carried out via mechanical tools.

Here are other methods meant to diminish or prevent the stagnation of the germs and of the dental plaque:

  • pit and fissure sealing may be performed
  • it is recommended to reduce the consumption of sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods
  • fluorination is a very good method to reinforce the tooth enamel and enhance its resistance to cavity formation
  • quitting smoking and eliminating alcohol consumption also play a very important role. Smoking favors tooth staining and increases the risk of gingivitis or even periodontitis or oral cancer

At the medical practice, the tartar is removed with the help of an ultrasound device that dislodges tartar blocks. The vibrations sent out by this device cause the tartar block to detach from the surfaces, without, however, harming the gum structure.

Professional brushing is carried out using a circular brush and a special toothpaste. This procedure is similar to using the electrical toothbrush at home.

Airflow is a prophylactic treatment, applied after the brushing. It consists of the use of a device that generates an air jet mixed with water and sodium bicarbonate. The jet is projected even in the areas in-between the teeth and underneath the gum. Since these areas are regarded as inaccessible via brushing, we insist on the importance of professional tooth cleaning twice a year.

At the end of the prophylaxis session, fluorine or even milk protein protection gels can be applied. They must be maintained on the teeth for at least half an hour, during which the patient is not to drink any liquids or rinse the mouth.

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