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Facial Tumor Surgery

Facial Tumor Surgery

Facial Tumor Surgery Brasov

Oral or buccal cancer refers to a category of cancers that develop in the mouth area and, more specifically, in the area of the tongue, lips or lower oral cavity. Nonetheless, they may also occur at the level of the cheeks, gums or on palate, practically, wherever there is a cellular tissue. The first warning signs are the inflammations in the mouth area, which do not subside by themselves. The persisting pain, tooth loss or halitosis can also be added to that.

Other symptoms include, without limitation: difficulties swelling, mouth bleeding, white or red lesions at the level of the tongue or gums, or even neck lumps. Weight loss is also possible. If you exhibit any of these symptoms, you might have developed a form of oral cancer. This type of cancer leads to DNA mutations, which causes the cancer cells to uncontrollably multiply. An accumulation of abnormal cells in the mouth leads to the formation of the so-called tumor masses.

What is facial tumor surgery?

Over the past years, the number of people suffering from oral cancer has increased. It is estimated that at least one person dies of oral cancer every day. If timely detected, it is surgically treatable, with generally satisfactory results. Facial Tumor Surgery is a discipline that researches and treats oral and maxillofacial pathology and abnormalities. Some of the services related to this type of intervention, offered by Lord Dent Clinic in Brasov, are:

  • the treatment of salivary gland pathology, involving the removal of the affected gland. The saliva secretion will be taken over by the other glands.
  • the surgical treatment of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders
  • the surgical treatment of OMF abnormalities, which may cause both aesthetic and functionality alterations (breathing and swallowing difficulties)
  • the surgical treatment of lip-jaw-palate cleft - this treatment is most often carried out in stages and they mostly affect children below one year of age. It is a congenital disorder, the doctor consultation being recommended at the age of no more than 6 months
  • the surgical treatment of the jaw sinus pathology - which mostly involves medication and dental interventions, but, however, in severe cases, the sinus treatment is performed (the cleaning of sinus infection by curettage)
  • the surgical treatment of benign jaw masses and of soft cervical and facial parts
  • facial pain treatment - short or long pain episodes. This pain does not subside to anti-inflammatory medication, and it is of unknown cause. The initial treatment is with medication, but it can subsequently become a surgical one
  • pre-implant surgery - bone grafts are collected from the oral cavity or other areas of the body

Each surgical intervention is given special attention, and the resources are assigned depending on the situation. Lord Dent Practice holds all the equipment required in order for the facial tumor surgery interventions procedure to be carried out under maximum safety conditions. Due to the professional and modern equipment we hold, the interventions are much faster and so is recovery.

Facial Tumor Surgery Specialist

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