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Implantologie Orala

Oral Implantology

Oral Implantology Brasov

The dental implant is a device made of zirconium or titanium, meant to replace the missing tooth root. The materials it is made of bring the advantage of enhanced purity, so that, so far, there were no cases of implants rejected by the body. In order for an implant to be fitted, it is of utmost importance that the gum is healthy and the bone structure is suitable. There are two main dental implant placement methods: one-day procedures (with provisional crown), or techniques connecting the crown to the implant after a few months of osteointegration.

In time, tooth loss may occur because of cavities, accidents or because of the periodontal disease. Oral implantology helps us fix this problem, with long-term and minimally invasive procedures. Tooth functionality is thus completely restored. Moreover, the teeth adjacent the edentate space are left untouched. (unlike other techniques)

Oral Implantology at Lord Dent Clinic in Brasov

Dr Scarneciu Vlad, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist and Implantology Specialist, can help you regain the functionality and esthetics of the oral cavity, through dental implants fitted under maximum safety conditions. The most common disorder that causes patients to opt for this method is periodontitis, which affects the gum, the tissue supporting the tooth. Lord Dent clinic in Brasov has a solution for all periodontic or orthodontic disorders.

Here are some of the advantages dental implants offer:

  • the medical procedure is pain-free and performed under local anesthesia. When the effect of the anesthesia fades away, the patient may feel slight local discomfort, but most people who underwent dental implant surgery say that the pain felt is by far lighter than that caused by an extraction.
  • there is no possibility that the implant may be rejected by the human body. The material it is made of is biocompatible. In case the patient is allergic to certain metal, they must inform the doctor.
  • the statistics are quite promising: the implant retention rate is of 95%, 10 years after the medical procedure. Of course, oral hygiene is of essence for the long-term success of the procedure.
  • there is no upper age limit for dental implants. They are suitable for any person above the age of 20, with good oral health.
  • dental implants may be successfully used when an MRI procedure is required, because the materials they are made of do not interfere with the scan.
  • dental implants do not require special care, though it is, however, preferable that the oral hygiene is as correct as possible. Practically, frequent brushing, the use of mouthwash and dental floss help guarantee a long lifespan of dental implants.
  • it is the most advanced method currently known for the solving of tooth loss problems, which does not require the damaging of adjacent teeth through the polishing of the enamel or nerve extraction
  • the dental implant placement procedure requires about 15 to 30 minutes, which, of course, increases depending on the number of implants. Its functionality is immediate.

Implantology-specific procedures start with a number of laboratory analyses and X-ray scans. Moreover, the oral cavity is cleaned by scaling and root planing, in order to prepare it for the procedure. The intervention as such involves the placement of the implant through a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Laser technology is used to sterilize the area and ensure faster healing. The osteointegration of the implant requires 2 to 6 months. Meanwhile, a provisional crown may be fitted.

After the healing, the crown is placed by attaching the abutment connecting the implant to the crown. The latter can be made via CAD-CAM digital technology, by cementing or abutments screwing.

If you are looking for a professional practice to help you regain your smile, choose Lord Dent! Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information you might require on the topic.

Subperiosteal implant

At LORD DENT, the research never stops, as we are strive to offer our patients optimum solutions for a healthy smile.

Quite often, our patients are not viable candidates for the classical implant, because of the insufficient bone structure.

In 2021, due to the advances in dentistry, we are now able to offer to our patients state-of-the-art implant, custom-made for each and every case – the SUBPERIOSTEAL IMPLANT, which supposes a preliminary intra-oral scan and a CT scan.

The SUBPERIOSTEAL IMPLANT is made of titanium only, which makes it biocompatible with the bone and soft tissues.

The advantages of the subperiosteal implant are as follows:

  • allows for tooth replacement in cases of insufficient bone volume
  • it is used in full maxillary/mandibular restorations
  • it allows for immediate loading (the patient leaves the clinic with the teeth fitted onto the dental arch after one session)

Oral Implantology Specialist MD

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