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Dental Prosthetics

Dental Prosthetics

Dental Prosthetics Brasovv

Dental prosthetics is a branch of dentistry dealing with the replacement of missing teeth and the restoration of dental arches. Dental prosthesis (fixed or removable) easily restores dental integrity and functionality. Of course, dental prosthesis does not only serve an aesthetic purpose; it also contributes to the functional reconstruction, with a focus on phonation and mastication. In this respect, great importance is placed on dental occlusion, in order to avoid bruxism (tooth grinding, especially during the night and while sleeping).

The materials used are zirconium, pressed ceramic or feldspathic ceramic veneers, in order to obtain durable and natural-looking reconstructions. The prosthetic treatment is established by the doctor, following the clinical examination. X-rays and, possibly, a CT scan, are required, but also the analysis of facial and intraoral photos.

Dental Prosthetics at Lord Dent Clinic in Brasov

Due to the state-of-the-art and high performance technologies we have chosen to work with, our doctors can make an accurate diagnosis and can help you regain your smile through the treatment solutions. From among the prostheses we provide, we mention:

  • dental crowns or bridges: the alternative to dental implants, in case the latter are not recommendable or for financial reasons. The prosthesis can be made of various materials, such as ceramic, gold alloys, zirconium, nichrome etc.
  • removable, partial or full prostheses. Full prosthesis are used if all natural teeth need to be replaced, via upper and lower dental prostheses. Partial prostheses are used in case at least one tooth needs to be replaced, and they may be removed at all times. Removable dental prostheses are generally used in case of complete edentation either on the upper, or on the lower arch. It must be daily removed for hygiene purposes.
  • skeletal prosthesis, either classical or with special systems: are recommended to patients who still have enough natural teeth, which are used as a bridge or prosthesis support pillars.
  • implant-supported prosthesis: recommended to people who have no teeth left on the arch, but with a low bone volume, which does not allow for classical implants. This type of prosthesis offers very good stability. Though they require daily removal from the oral cavity for hygiene purposes, they are clearly superior to classical prostheses.
  • occlusal equilibration treatments: their purpose is to obtain a stable and balanced bite.
  • inlay or onlay incrustations, made of porcelain or composite material. The inlay is a reconstruction piece that can restore one or several walls of a tooth. Because it is made in the laboratory, out of sturdy materials, it imitates the dental tissue and may have the same aspect as the same aspect as the latter. The onlay, on the other hand, may restore a lateral, oral or vestibular wall of the tooth, and, due to its sturdiness, it is the last resort before the placement of a crown.

Prostheses are recommended in case, for various reasons, one or more of the teeth can no longer be kept in the oral cavity. Moreover, they can be successfully used in the case of persons who desire a better looking denture, in case, for various reasons, it is weathered or yellow. Moreover, in case there are visible inequalities at the level of the teeth, a dental facet may be applied to correct imperfections. In case the teeth are crowded or feature large interdental spaces, a braces or dental facets may be fitted, as applicable.

Lord Dent Clinic in Brasov is waiting for you to make an appointment for dental prosthetic interventions and not only. Call us at 0774 654 120 to make a first appointment, where we can analyze your specific case and make a diagnosis, following the laboratory analyses or X-ray scans.

Dental Prosthetics Specialist MD Brasov

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