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Endodontics Brasov

The term endodontics is derived from two Greek words – “endo” meaning inside and “odons” meaning tooth. Hence, we can infer the specific concern of this medical procedure. More specifically, the main purpose of endodontics is to treat inner tooth lesions, more specifically, the ones related to dental pulp pathology. An endodontic (canal) treatment is mainly carried out in the case of advanced cavities, which went far behind the dentine and reached the pulp chamber, thus also causing an infection. Pain can, and most often is, present, and the procedure as such removes the infected nerve fibers and blood vessels from the pulp chamber and root canal. The sterilization and root canal obturation are then performed.

In common terms, the removal of a nerve is not desirable and does not, by any means, represent the first line measure when a patient complains of tooth ache. Nonetheless, some frequently encountered causes may lead to the need to apply this procedure. Firstly, sweets and improper dental hygiene are the main factor. It is important to know that, after we eat foods containing large quantities of sugar, bacteria start decomposing this sugar into acids that immediately start attacking the tooth enamel. Cavities occur when the enamel and the dentine become soft under the action of these harmful acids.

Endodontics at Lord Dent Clinic in Brasov

Dental medicine has evolved surprisingly, and we are currently able to identify two endodontic treatment methods, i.e.:

  • root canal obturation through the classical method
  • root canal obturation through the modern 3D method

The classical method supposes the sealing of the root canal and the application of a paste onto the canal and the fitting of a gutta-percha cone. The 3D method involves injecting warm gutta-percha inside the root canal and its condensation. A system comprising a gutta-percha condenser and an injection gun is used.

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