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Orthodontics Brasov

In short, orthodontics is a branch of dental medicine that studies and correct tooth and jaw abnormalities. In other words, it is the science or field dealing with tooth strengthening, bite (occlusal) adjustment, but also with the repositioning of the two jaws. It has been found that crooked teeth are more difficult to care for and tooth loss may occur much sooner. They also place greater pressure on the masticating muscles and they can cause headaches or even neck pain.

Fortunately, due to today’s techniques, teeth can be strengthened at any age. Clear aligners are actually available for those who resent the thought of visible braces. The duration of such a treatment varies a lot, depending on the complexity of the problems. They generally range between 18 and 24 months. The optimum age for a first visit to the orthodontist is 7, so that a possible aligner treatment may be initiated as early as possible.

Orthodontics at Lord Dent Clinic in Brasov

It is preferrable that orthodontic disorders are addressed as soon as possible, for an easier and faster recovery. In so far as children are concerned, the most frequent tooth-related problems are: premature baby tooth loss, supernumerary teeth or abnormally positioned teeth, impacted teeth, tooth malposition or crowding. The good news is that orthodontics does not exclusively address children. People of all ages can now resort to tooth alignment. Orthodontic treatments offer pleasant physiognomy changes, but they also help regain the health of the dental and maxillary tract.

Here are some of the abnormalities that may be orthodontically corrected:

  • large interdental spaces or “edentate gaps”
  • crowding
  • mid-line malocclusion - when the mid-line of the upper front teeth is not correctly aligned to the mid-line of the lower front teeth
  • vertical dental overlap - where the upper front teeth come out in front of the lower teeth
  • cross-bite - when the lower front teeth overlap over the upper front teeth
  • open-bite - only the posterior tooth come into contact when the patient bites

The orthodontic treatments offered by Lord Dent consist of fixed or mobile, partial or full physiognomic braces. They are suitable both for children, and for adults. If you desire an invisible orthodontic treatment, this is possible with the help of the digital technology and the Invisalign dental trays.

Lord Dent Clinic in Brasov offers specialized orthodontic treatments and services, and not only. Contact us by phone at 0774 654 120 or by e-mail, to make an appointment.

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